Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Case Race 2009!


TEAM 2: New Jersey-Wig-Neck


These three teams had been training for 6 months and it was finally time. MISSION: two people, one case, twelve beers each, your team finishes first you win. Sounds simple? well there were a few rules. 1.) NO shotguns & No beer bongs 2.) there is one designated drinking area and you cannot leave that area with a beer in your hand 3.) when finish a beer u must prove it by turning it upside down on your head to make sure none spills out 4.) NO PUKING!

Team New Jersey-Wig-Neck started off strong, and i mean strong. Three beers under their belts each while The 4EVER YOUNGs were still on two each and Bobby was holding it down on his own waiting for the other half of TEAM POP-TARTS to arrive. To make a long story short The New Jersey-Wig-Necks keep the lead until the end and finished first. We had all excepted our harsh loss when it happened... I entered the bathroom to find not a toilet but a bath tub filled with puke! Walking back out to the living room i saw this...

one half of the New Jersey-Wig-Necks chillin while the other half was knocking on deaths door. hmmmm... i wonder who's twelve bud-lights/chunks of jumbo slice where in the tub? needless to say the NJ-Wig-Necks got the "D.Q." but unfortunately it was to late for the rest of us. When we thought we had already lost we went down to the stoop and made new friends outside which resulted in us sharing our last beer/shorting our case by only ONE EACH!

FINAL RESULT: no winner =(

I guess this means there is going to be a rematch in the near future...

to be continued...

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