Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Few Rando's

Mike's drink of choice in 2005

i have broken 3 boards in 3 weeks, I'm getting fat.

Sabby and i partied at Medieval Times, and our Knight lost :(

i got this cat head I always wanted from some Bret Krak flash. Mr. Billfold at Tattoo Paradise did it.

I still have the Phil and DeepV on the back, but i sold the Aerospoke from the front and just put the stock cheap wheel back on. I'm transitioning back to shitty beater bike to cruise this summer, I'm over expensive parts.

I saw this MOE tag in a scenery montage during an episode of The Real World: DC, he gets up.

helped Bobby put together a coffee table from ikea.

If anyone is interested in this super comfortable brooks saddle for $60 comment on this post. I'm also selling a Fixed rear wheel with a black Phil Wood hub(the Phil signature is red), Red Velocity DeepV and black spokes, serious buyers only. I can send u a pic.

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Your Mom said...

can u tell that bobby has toenail polish on in that pic??